Tuesday, March 01, 2005

another shitty list

do you wake up in the morning with a song in your head? i'm not talking about your alarm clock radio blaring van halen's "jump" here. i mean when you wake up with a song already running through your mind as you stumble towards the bathroom to take a wiz. your own brain radio looping lyrics & melody over & over again 'til you're practically humming it. well, i wake up like this all the time. this morning's tune was the postal service's "clark gable". in particular, the following lyrics were on repeat format.

i want so badly to believe
that there is truth,
that love is real.

and i want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.

i think this is what's called "intuition". i'm supposed to heed my inner voice, even if it comes out in the form of lyrics by ben gibbard. lately, i've been keeping a tiny notebook, recording my daily soundtrack. it's amazing the shit you'll play in your head at seemingly random moments, but when you actually catch yourself in the act and think about the lyrics, they usually apply. the mind is one motherfucker, alright now time for the Casting Couch Teens.

i'll have to blog a list of soundtracks in the near future. now for a list of things/people/thoughts that make me cringe:

driving over steel grating on bridges in the rain
finally balancing my checkbook & recognizing my true account balance
bad haircuts & color jobs
semi-nude photos in the hands of boys i know longer talk to
that one creepy guy who sent me nude photos last march
speaking in front of large groups
drunk dials remembered days later to people you wouldn't call sober
swallowing vitamins the size of 4-month-old human embryos
typing out that last list item
george w. bush speaking outloud